From paper to digital
Most industries have gone from paper to digital. Leading industries include airline, hotel, transport, logistics and education. Fishing reports are still widely registered on paper, making data outdated, unreliable and subject to data deficient reporting or data loss. Even in cases where mobile apps are being implemented, these are not connected to a wider management platform needed for management and information decision making. Shellcatch developed a mobile and web platform tailored to government needs and fisher data inputting. Mobile apps can be used offline and data can be uploaded once connectivity is in reach. Management features include: fishing season setting by species, fish alerts, fishing location (manual or automatic), general species management, dashboard reports, fisher logs and license management, as well as several other features.
The main goals of the eReporting platform are
Data Quality: Improve the quality, quantity and efficiency of fishery information and catch accountability to improve ocean information to support decision-making for marine fisheries management.

Better Management: Increase the technical capabilities in relation to data management and decision support tools that improve the ability of governments to monitor, forecast, and manage commercial marine fisheries.

Catch Limits Monitoring: Improve annual catch limits tracking for enhanced fisheries monitoring.

Near Real Time Information: Complete the transition from paper fisheries landing reports to an electronic platform.
Platform management features
Fishing Restrictions Scheduling: Set all the species restrictions needed and communicate them to fishers using the mobile app.

Favorite Species: For fishers, system automates favorite species to make the data inputting process quicker.

Fishing Gear Autofill: App seeks to make the data inputting process as efficient as possible when fishing more than one species with same fishing gear.

Species Quick Search: Find any species in seconds by searching category or key words.
Fishers and boats
Fisher Management: Track all the fishers that are part of your data collection program.

Fisher License Management: Allows integration of different licenses for different fishers. Sends alerts when fishers licenses are about to expire.

Link Fishers to Index: Easily associate boats with fishers in each fishing trip. Boats can be owned by the fisher or temporary.

Roles and Permissions: Every eReporting account comes with unlimited users and flexible permissions.

Fisher Profiles: Store comprehensive information, stats and photos for fisher users.
Offline or online
Cell Tower Independence: Increase versatility by allowing for off the grid fleets to input data for a timely upload once back in cell phone coverage.
Collaboration and traceability
Permissions: Empower every fishery stakeholder to contribute to its success with unlimited users and flexible permissions.

Coordination: Real time Government-Fisher communications for catch and landing co-operation and coordination.

Traceability: Completely compatible with traceability label scanning with both Government specific coding and end user scanning.
Location History: Find the last known location of fishing activities per fisher per species.

Negative ‘no fishing’ Forms: Enable fishers to declare non fishing activities avoiding paperwork or extensive travel to fisheries department.

Fishing Effort: Fisher data logging can automatically calculate fishing effort in specific areas.

Export: Export fisheries data in multiple formats or directly to other databases as needed.
Mobile first design
Manage your fishery from anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps designed for nationwide fleets.
Stats and reports
The eReporting mobile and web platform based solution easily and conveniently captures and automatically exports fishing statistics, fishing efforts and landing information to government database.

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