Vessels of all sizes
Shellcatch has developed a unique technology whereby a small, solar-powered, rugged, waterproof monitoring system can be mounted on even the smallest fishing vessel. With its video and GPS sensors, the system can be set to track sets and hauls of fishing gear, record video, track and manage its energy consumption autonomously. As part of this system there is an additional wifi data link unit that captures the information from the boat, processes the video and GPS data and uploads it to the Shellcatch cloud platform. Shellcatch has also created a customized smart-phone app that allows you to setup / configure the monitoring unit and understand its basic functioning parameters. If needed, the phone app can also upload the information in the monitoring unit. The cloud component offers a unique opportunity to accurately monitor and collect statistics on by-catch of high conservation value wildlife or to certify (verify) a fishing operation as by-catch free.
Simple deployment
Camera can easily be installed either with autonomous energy (solar panels) or directly to the boats energy source.
Data collection
You get a data collector with the camera which leverages your Internet connection to automatically upload information.
All the information is uploaded to the Shellcatch platform which automatically processes the information. This lowers the amount of video screening time as you can zero in on important events only.
How it works
In addition to supplying the camera, Shellcatch provides a complete web platform to manage all your video data and source only what is important to you. This way, organizations can focus less on operational issues and more on higher level data analysis.
Web platform
The Shellcatch platform aims to streamline the management, storage and review of videos. Among its specifications are the following features:

Review and Registration Area: The system allows to review and record events, fishing gear, target fishing and by-catch. This GPS and Video system lowers the review time.

Graphics: The graphics contain the results of the information generated from the videos to be able to make reports.

Artificial Intelligence: The automatic detection of certain events relevant to the fishing in question can be implemented.

Download: All videos and coordinates are downloadable.

Search: The system is designed to upload a high number of videos. This requires a search mechanism to go directly to the specific vessel.

Users Invitation: When more support in the revision is required, the system allows inviting more users.

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