In the seafood market both consumers and fishers are currently unhappy. FrescaPesca takes a fresh look at solving the problems inherent in the supply chain of fresh seafood in Latin-America, by connecting fishers directly with the consumers through the use of disruptive traceability technology. Shellcatch also utilizes innovative supply chain and sourcing methods particular to Latin America in addition to advanced traceability technology so as to provide fresh and legal seafood directly from the producers at the doorsteps of the consumers. FrescaPesca differentiates itself from other food-delivery startups as it leverages current supply chain players with a fully traceable supply chain. The starting point are fishers who use their mobile traceability apps to procure demanded seafood.
FrescaPesca is the first of its kind in Latin-America and captures the rising demand for fresh seafood products in the region while making a completely unorganized market more efficient, direct, and fair while bringing greater quality with traceability to end consumers. FrescaPesca's technological knowledge and experience comes from piggybacking off of Shellcatch’s operational and commercial seafood industry experience. Shellcatch does not mark up prices nor does it act as an intermediary. The app is a marketing tool for fishermen that coordinates delivery and aims at increasing the amount of trust from B2B consumers followed by an increased client base.

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