Alfredo Sfeir

CEP and Founder

Gabriel Reyes

Business Development

Aneesh Sharma

Chief Technical Officer

Olivier Chassot

Chief Operating Officer

Jose Miguel Placencia

Chief Financial Officer

Diego Silva

Chief Software Architect

Renato Hurtado

VP Hardware Engineering

Daniel Lozano

Technical Lead and Customer Support

Leonardo Aparicio

Maintenance and Customer Support

Juan Pablo Muñoz

Software Developer

Alex Paredes

Software Developer


Hardware Architect

Deiby Cabanillas

Software Developer

José Antonio Benavente

Software Developer

Fabio Barriga

Software Developer

Kevin Herrera

Softwre Engineer

William Hernandez

Production Engineer

Johny Portilla

Lead Designer

Eileen Núñez

Scrum Master Software

Abel Ccapa

Scrum Master Hardware

Fabian Vega

Customer Success Mexico

Miguel Ruiz

Data Manager Mexico

Esteban Elias

Legal Global

Lizbeth Ccapira

Admin Peru

Agueda Mendez

Global Admin

America Mendez

Admin Chile

Gabriela Vidal

Admin Mexico

Antonio Peraza

Accounting Mexico

Eduardo Pineda

Legal Mexico

Other Partners and Clients


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