Where sustainable oceans, technology, and profitability meet.


Shellcatch works with fishers to bring them increased returns on their catch in the form of increased sales, market differentiation, enhanced profits, stronger brand loyalty and increased end consumer satisfaction:

Environmental Verification. By delivering verification of best fishing practices, we help fishers manager their resources sustainably, ensure compliance, and access new markets for seafood products that are compatible with a healthy and productive marine environment.

Traceability. Shellcatch ́s seafood is identified, tagged, weighed, and traced through the entire production process. Shellcatch uses state of the art technology to electronically trace seafood through the entire supply chain until it reaches the customer.

Market Access. Information on traceability and environmental practices is delivered to the customer, alongside the product.

Each of Shellcatch ́s programs improve fishers livelihoods by accessing premiums and new markets for sustainable seafood products. The verification, traceability and market access process can be customized for different fishing configurations, target species, and environmental goals.